Stock up your humidor and take a break from the bustle of the New York City at the Nat Sherman Townhouse. This old cigar shop has lots of character and a history to match. It’s located in the center of midtown Manhattan, just around the corner from the New York Public Library.

The Nat Sherman brand was founded in New York City in the 1930’s. Since then, famous celebrities, fedora wearing gangsters, and icons like Frank Sinatra have all gone to Nat Sherman for their cigars. The shop’s location has changed a few times over the years but it’s managed to keep it’s vintage charm.

Squeezed between two large buildings, it would be easy to miss if it wasn’t for the big cigar and wooden Indian statue outside:

Nat Sherman Cigar Shop NYC - Storefront

When I walked through the front door the first thing I noticed was the atmosphere. The place feels old, refined, and comfortable at the same time. The interior is open to two levels and the stained wood counters and shelves display a variety of smoking accessories.

Nat Sherman Cigar Shop NYC - Inside the Shop
The neon “Cigars” sign originally hung outside of their 5th Avenue location.

Some cigar shops smell like smoke, but not this one. Apparently the shop has a really good ventilation system.

I was checking out the cigar cutters and lighters when the shop keeper (a well-dressed gentleman in suit) asked if I would like to see the humidor. I love a good cigar now and then so I followed him to the back of the shop and went inside. The humidor is kept at the perfect conditions to store cigars, a constant 70 degrees and 70% humidity.

Nat Sherman Cigar Shop NYC - Inside the Humidor
The staff is very professional and willing to help you find cigars suited to your personal taste.

Inside the humidor you’ll find hundreds of brands of hand rolled cigars from all over the world. The cigars made by Nat Sherman are displayed on a table in the middle of the room:

Nat Sherman Cigar Shop - Cigar Selection

The back of the humidor is gated off and has a sign that reads “The Blenders’ Vault”. That’s where the rare and limited edition cigars are kept.

The shop keeper patiently waited near the door while I browsed through the cigars. I found two, a PadrĂ³n 1964 Aniversario Churchill and a Nat Sherman Sterling Robosto. Once I was finished shopping, he held out a wooden tray to carry the cigars I picked out. Then he wrote the name and price of each cigar on a paper receipt.

At the cash register, he put the cigars in a sealed bag with a little humidifying packet to keep them from drying out. Then he placed the bag into a cardboard pouch along with a pack of matches.

Cigar Package From Nat Sherman Cigars New York

Near the entrance to the humidor, there’s a staircase leading down a flight of stairs into the basement. I was told that it leads to a private room reserved for members of their exclusive smoking club. There, members can relax on comfy leather couches, socialize with other members, and store their cigars in personal humidified lockers. It’s easy to see why there’s a waiting list to join.

For those not willing to wait for a membership spot to open up, there are tables and chairs upstairs where you can sit and enjoy that cigar you bought right now.